The Number One Wedding Question I Get

Planning 101
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“Where do we even start?”⁠

Oh yes, I hear this all of the time, y’all!

First of all, there is no right or wrong way to go about wedding planning *deep breath* I’m diving into my top tips on avoiding the overwhelm, simplify the process, and answer the age old question, “where do I even start?”.

1. Talk budget. My motto: talk about it early and often. Get really comfy with the idea of talking about money and landing on an amount that you’re comfortable with! Did you know on average a couple spends $28,000 on their wedding?⁠

2. Get that guest list going! This list is going to go through dozens of reviews, so add everyone you know and narrow it down as you go. Another tip, consider how big of a bridal party you are wanting, and who you are wanting in it.

3. List out your priorities! Have a dream venue in mind? Can’t work without a certain photographer? Get crystal clear on what your top 3 elements are and make reaching out for availability your top priority!⁠

4. Narrow down the dates. Have a season in mind? A significant date to y’all? Once you’ve narrowed down a few, ask your vendors their availability and start making magic!⁠

5. Have fun and get inspired! Hop onto Pinterest, set a timer, and Pin any and everything that you LOVE! Start setting the tone and imaging how you want your big day to look, AND how you want it to feel!⁠

Wedding planning is supposed to be FUN, don’t go forgetting that!⁠

P.S. I have FIVE spots left for 2020 weddings, want to be one of them? Inquire now and let’s make some magic happen!

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