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I'm passionate about a few things: quoting The Office, soggy french fries dipped in ice cream, and making sure that your wedding is the greatest, stress-free, most fun party of your life! 

Being a third wheel is kind of my thing. Much like always being on the hunt for the best hazy IPA, and smothering my baby girl, Ethel, with love (but like, have you seen her?! How can I not bite those cheeks!)

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“Where do we even start?”⁠ Oh yes, I hear this all of the time, y’all!⁠First of all, there is no right or wrong way to go about wedding planning *deep breath* I’m diving into my top tips on avoiding the overwhelm, simplify the process, and answer the age old question, “where do I even start?”.⁠1. […]

The Number One Wedding Question I Get