your bridal party hype women + professional third wheel

I'm passionate about a few things: really, really cute dogs, soggy french fries dipped in ice cream, and making sure that your wedding is the greatest, stress-free, most fun party of your life! 

Being a third wheel is kind of my thing. Much like always being on the hunt for the best hazy IPA, and smothering my dog, Gus, with love (but like, have you seen him?! He's kind of everything).

Let's celebrate you as a couple, hand in hand, wildly in love, champagne showers and all. On your big day you can count on me to be by your side, capturing you just as you are, and giving you heirlooms to cherish for a lifetime.

Less forced laughs and awkward posing. More genuine smiles, and champagne showers. Deal? 

wedding photographer by day, and The Office enthusiast by night

Hey, I'm Alex!

My Promise to You:

Fun + intentional photos that are you AF

more on me:

crazy dog lady

Beyoncé obsessed

love language: southern food

first on the dance floor

r&b crazed

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